Tuesday, 13 November 2012


sex: male
age: 40

Victor is the village hero and loves his family. He always off on he Pegasus protecting the village from monsters. His a brave hero and would do anything for his family.


sex: female
age: 1

Bella is a baby dragon who only started to fly to fly and use it fire breath. She sweet and loves to learn new things as well as very curious about everything.


sex: female
age: 306

Stella is a caring dragon as she a mother and always but her children first. She very viscous and aggressive with there a danger to her children. She has sharp claws and hot fire breath.


age: 16
sex: male

Vigilance is a loyal Pegasus to its owner and will bravely go straight into to danger for them. His not afraid of anything but losing his friends. he loves to fly higher then anyone before.


sex: male
age: 10

Hydrus is not like most sea monster his kind and caring  He wouldn't hurt anyone and comes to peoples rescue when their drowning at sea.


sex: female
age: 205

Ignis is a fast energetic phoenix with burning fire wings. She very wise in her age and looks down on people. She also always believe she right.


sex: Male
age: 97
Rapax is a friendly griffin who comes to peoples and animals rescues. He love to fly and site up on a high rock looking over the land.