Monday, 9 July 2012


Virgo his an evil horse that wants to be king and dose so by killing the king and making the prince run away. When he takes the crown he makes the land lifeless with many animal living in fear.

The White Stallion

The White stallion is a prince where his father rules as the king on his high rock over the land. The white stallion is a happy strong horse, but when an evil horse named Virgo kills his father he runs away. When he turn strong enough he has to go back and defeat Virgo once and for all.


Darko is a black dragon like his mother and are the only two black dragons on the island, but are said to be evil.  He is taught evil by his mum as he will be the chosen dark dragon to take over the dragon island just like his dad try many years ago.


Bella is Dino best Friend and is also there for him when she turn big at one but Dino didn’t she never left he side.


There is an island where only dragons live far away from people and on this island there is a dragon called Dino. He is a loving caring dragon with many friends and will turn big at one year old. When one he also has the ability to turn back small again at any time until he reaches adulthood at five. But when he turn one he stays small, this is an event that only happens to a chosen dragon they call the 5 year dragon. This is where they only turn big at 5 so now Dino will have to rise up and become a hero to save all dragons.

Tiny Planet

The 8 Divines

The eight elements are Super dogs power source but are also dogs them self. It is thought these eight elements are what created the world but one day was captured and sealed away from the world until discovered again by the professor.

(The 8 Elements character creation idea belongs to Faye Wombwell)